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Our Process

At ImProCanada, we believe in an optimized client-centric process for success. This is in line with our core values abbreviated as C.A.R.E; meaning you as our client always come first. Through our initial consultation, we explore the best opportunities and solutions for you. Once we mutually agree on a decision, we create an action plan that caters to your needs. We follow up and pursue your case with the immigration and government departments in a timely fashion. We facilitate you with your business and settlement plan and guide you through all phases of migration to Canada. Through this detailed process, we ensure that your move to Canada is quick and easy.

Detailed Process Flow

ImProCanada follows a proven seven steps process to ensure every case is properly handled and your chances of success are maximized. This approach has been proven across all types from a simple to a very complex immigration case. Through this process we ensure our due diligence using combined experience and knowledge of our team that ultimately results in your success.


Having proven track record of success we have tested and refined the process over the years, here is our refined immigration consultation process:

We assess your situation. We identify the best options/opportunities available for you under the immigration act, regulations, policy and programs and suggest a course of action.

Based on our mutually agreed case strategy and action plan we will sign an agreement that will stipulate Case category, List of services to be provide to you and Payment terms.

We are obligated to keep all your advance payments and government fee, if any, to a protected trust account.

Your case is discussed among the team first. This is ensure that our teams’ collective experience, knowledge and creativity is fully leveraged. We refine the action plan to more details, identify important tasks and dates and create your plan in our case processing system so that, we follow each step with precision and no deadline is missed.

You are always informed of your case status and all of your questions are answered. Your individual login is provided to you, so that you can monitor your case progress 24/7, review/submit documents online and be reminded of important dates. Some conditions apply.

During the course of case preparation we help you identify and gather/prepare the right documents, evidence, test results and material.

We represent you with convincing arguments based on facts and pursuant to Canadian law and regulations. Once your case is submitted we provide timely response to case processing steps, we also avail appeal process when necessary.

For business immigration clients we provide expertise for feasibility analysis and Business Case preparation. If exploratory visit is recommended we guide and assist you to connect with appropriate government and private sector organizations. We help you explore business opportunities while visiting Canada no matter if your plan is to set-up a new business or buy an existing one.

We provide expert advice for financial needs of your potential business in Canada. We have arrangements with financial institutions to help you.

For High net worth investor business class we have arrangement with Canadian financial institution to loan you the money to invest with the Canadian federal or provincial government.

Interview preparation – we don’t take anything lightly that is crucial for your success, even so some clients even complain that we sometime push too hard. Yes that is true, we wouldn’t let you slake, until we are satisfied that you are one hundred percent ready for success.

We make sure that your application for permanent residence is complete, we foresee any potential issue such as inadmissibility, dependents status, custody and ensure they are resolved for you and your family.

We have arrangements from airport pick-up in GTA area, early days settlement support, residential/commercial property advice, education counselling, health and social assistance as well to home or business financing while you come and settle in Canada.

We guide you of your residency and permanent residence obligations from the time you land in Canada until the time when you become a proud citizen of Canada.

For business entrepreneur we help setup or acquisition of a business, we provide you support to manage, monitor, audit your business according to the permanent residency conditions and help you remove any obstacles.

Finally the day comes when you are entitle for the Canadian Citizenship and Passport. We help you prepare for this great occasion; help you fulfill the requirement to receive citizenship for you and your family.


Throughout your interaction, weather you have a case with us or you simply had the opportunity to interact with one of our Immigration Counsel, Staff member or an overseas agent, we maintain our high standard of service, measure it frequently and always request your feedback to ensure your total satisfaction.

Standard of Service

We not only claim high level of client satisfaction, but we also measure it. We have stringent service standards for response to client inquiries and meeting deadlines. We always strive to improve our service standards and ask for your feedback.

Complaint process

At ImProCanada, firstly we do our best to avoid any incident that makes you unhappy. Moreover, we take your complaint very seriously, it goes to the top management directly and necessary actions are taken promptly. If you have a complaint about our service we shall resolve it to your satisfaction.