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Canada recognizes Economic, Family Reunion and Humanitarian grounds as three basic drivers for permanent immigration to Canada. Immigration programs are offered at the federal and provincial government levels. Also thousands of people come to Canada temporarily for tourism, visit their family, doing business, as well as to study or work. We offer full service to every client irrespective of immigration category.

Business Immigration to Canada

Business Programs are very dynamic as they continuously change, they also have caps. What it means that only a small number of applications are accepted, due to high demand that cap fills up very quickly. You have to catch a window of opportunity when it’s available.

We have experts that not only understand the law, but they are also business management, marketing, investment and finance savvy.

Quebec and other Canadian provinces and federal governments offer great immigration opportunities to Business persons and Senior Managers of private and government organizations, who have accumulated verifiable net worth, like

Investor: Opportunities are available for passive investment where you simply invest money in secure deposit to the government. We have arrangements with Canadian banks to finance you the deposit money.

Entrepreneur: You may also qualify to start a new business or buy an existing business to actively manage it.

Start-up: Even if you don’t have substantial net worth but you have a brilliant, innovative idea for a new business, we have arrangements with Canadian investors who will evaluate feasibility of your idea and invest in your viable business.

The paper work and preparing other requirements requires immense effort and time; it may sometime take about a year or more to prepare the case. We want you to be ready before the next time-window opens.

Immigration Consultations

Do you have an immigration, complex situation, educational or career related to future immigration matter or issue that needs the opinion of an expert? We offer our in-depth analysis of your case and to the point consultations. Book here.

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Business Immigration to USA, Europe and other developed countries

We are affiliated to promoting global citizenship for high net worth individuals. Discuss our investment and finance options to avail these immigration opportunities

Professionals Immigration – Express Entry

Canada is in much need of professionals with sufficient education, language ability and adaptability factors. Federal skilled and trade workers and Canadian Experience class applicants are selected through express entry pool. We guide what you can do to enhance your score. We create your profile to enhance your chances of receiving a job offer or provincial nomination. We, pursuant to Immigrations laws, will prepare and present your case to citizenship and Immigration Canada. We will persuade the fact that you will be economically established in Canada once you are granted permanent residence, simply fill out the evaluation form to find out if you qualify

Family Sponsorship

Canada promotes, prioritizes and encourages family reunion. Canadian Permanent Residents or Citizens can sponsor their spouse, children, parents and grandparents. If you want to sponsor or be sponsored; let us know, and we will help you.


We help, prepare your temporary resident visa application. Whether purpose of your visit is tourism, visit your family or doing some business, we know what the immigration officer looks for, we can guide you.


Canadian Universities and Colleges are the best in the world. Their degree/diplomas are well respected. That is the reason, thousands of students come to Canada in pursuing their higher studies and to accelerate their success. Canada also offers permit to work in Canada for few years after they graduate. This gives them an opportunity to apply for permanent residency based on their Canadian experience. If you are interested please fill up the contact form and we will be delighted to assist you.


You want to work or currently working in Canada, we can help you arranging the Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA). NAFTA visa and more.

Refugee Claims

Canada provides protection to people in need of refuge against discrimination and harassment, based on race, gender, religion etc. We have experts who help in refugee claims made inland or at port of entry, pre-removal risk assessment, and humanitarian and compassionate and judicial reviews. If you are in need of any of these service

Refused Entry to Canada

We provide persons who are inadmissible due to past record, refused visa or entry, and persons detained at the port of entry. we provide services related to rehabilitation, record suspension (pardon), detention reviews and Temporary Resident Permits (TRP),